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15 Oct 2011

The Ancestors' Geneameme

Things I have already done or found: bold face type
Things I would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)
Things I haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type


1.     Can name my 16 great-great-grandparents
Whilst I’m marking this as done I can only actually name 14 of them, my grandfather never knew his father and this is not a line I will ever be able to follow backwards. It is done as much as it can ever be.

2.     Can name over 50 direct ancestors

3.     Have photographs or portraits of my 8 great-grandparents
7 out of 8 for the same reasons as above.

4.     Have an ancestor who was married more than three times

5.     Have an ancestor who was a bigamist

6.     Met all four of my grandparents

7.     Met one or more of my great-grandparents  
I was lucky enough to know 3 of my 4 great-grandmothers, not so lucky with the men in the family.

8.     Named a child after an ancestor
Don’t have any yet but it’s always something to keep in mind.  

9.     Bear an ancestor's given name/s
As far as I know I’m the first Carole in our family.  

10.  Have an ancestor from Great Britain or Ireland 

11.  Have an ancestor from Africa
12.  Have an ancestor from Asia 

13.  Have an ancestor from Continental Europe

14.  Have an ancestor who was an agricultural labourer

15.  Have an ancestor who had large land holdings  

16.  Have an ancestor who was a holy man - minister, priest, rabbi 

17.  Have an ancestor who was a midwife  

18.  Have an ancestor who was an author

19.  Have an ancestor with the surname Smith, Murphy or Jones  

20.  Have an ancestor with the surname Wong, Kim, Suzuki or Ng 

21.  Have an ancestor with a surname beginning with X   

22.  Have an ancestor with a forename beginning with Z  

23.  Have an ancestor born on 25th December  

24.  Have an ancestor born on New Year's Day 

25.  Have blue blood in your family lines  
My 4x Gt Grandmother, Mary PULESTON (1813-1887) was descended from the DE PYVELESDON’s whose family was linked by marriage to Owain Glyn Dwr, the Last Prince of Wales and all that there Royal blood in the English Court. This line doesn’t really interest me though as it’s all been documented and done.  

26.  Have a parent who was born in a country different from my country of birth

27.  Have a grandparent who was born in a country different from my country of birth
My great grandfather, Franklin ELLIS was born in Chester, England.

28.  Can trace a direct family line back to the eighteenth century 
William DUCKWORTH, born approximately 1799 in Hawarden, Flintshire and my 5x Gt Grandfather.

29.  Can trace a direct family line back to the seventeenth century or earlier 
Hamo DE PYVELESDON, born approximately 1155 in Puleston, Shropshire and my 23x Gt Grandfather. 

30.  Have seen copies of the signatures of some of my great-grandparents

31.  Have ancestors who signed their marriage certificate with an X
32.  Have a grandparent or earlier ancestor who went to university

33.  Have an ancestor who was convicted of a criminal offence 

34.  Have an ancestor who was a victim of crime  

35.  Have shared an ancestor's story online or in a magazine (Tell us where)  
I’ve shared part-stories here, on my blog but not a ‘from the cradle to the grave’ feature.

36.  Have published a family history online or in print (Details please)

37.  Have visited an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries  

38.  Still have an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries in the family 

39.  Have a family bible from the 19th Century
My grandfather has his WRIGHT family bible in his home, I’ve accessed it a couple of times. There is also a ROBERTS family bible in the possession of my cousins across the pond.

40.  Have a pre-19th century family bible 

The AncestorsGeneameme was developed by Geniaus. 

9 Jan 2011

Reflections on the First Week of January

I went back to Wales last week. Didn't go to the record office this time as I only went back for 6 days and didn't  think I'd have time.

I did manage to go and see my nana and tiad (thats Welsh for Grandad by the way) and bumped into my Uncle John and little cousin Orla. I say little but she's growing up really quickly. They were kind enough to pass on the memorial card for 1st Cousin x2 removed who died in April last year. That was taken home and scanned into the computer.

I also saw my grandad who let me borrow the WRIGHT family bible. All the writing is in the same hand so I think it was annotated after the events but the names are great starting points. It's a beautiful bible but so so heavy. Within the pages there were lots of pressed flowers too!

WRIGHT Family Bible
As far as I am aware this is the only Family Bible that my family has, indeed it is the only one I have come across.

I spent one, very very hungover, day at Mold Library copying down all entries of WRIGHT, DARLINGTON and DUCKWORTH from the Parish Register Transcriptions that they hold (as published by Clwyd FHS). In doing this I hope that I wont miss any of this family because I can't get to the records. I hope to have databases set up for all my "main" pedigree lines.

I got to spend some quality time with my lovely brother and of course my folks too. My dad also took me out on the back of his XJ1200 around Denbighshire. I love going out on the bike, its bloody brilliant!

My dad (Colin) and I on the bike
Unfortunately I didn't get chance to go and see my cousin's Sarah, Paul and Laura or Laura's troublesome twosome. Neither did I get chance to go and see my Aunty Jenny a.k.a The Witch because if I call her Aunty she doesn't like it; apparently she's too young to be an Aunty. I also wanted to go to the Cemetery to visit my Nan and Great Grandmothers and to have a look in Overleigh Cemetery, Chester and Northop Road Cemetery, Flint for a couple of relatives.

On the plus side again I did talk again today to my 2nd cousin x1 removed Haig. I found him via ancestry's member connect service a couple of weeks ago. We exchanged information and he's going to send me some updates and I need to put a disc together for him and his aunty of all the PARRY information I have.

So basically this week has been lots of catching up with family (and drunkenly with friends - you know who you are), and doing the slog of the ancestry work.

Fun times.

21 Nov 2010

Discipline; does any one have any to lend me?

Well I'm back in the home land, spending a week at the parents & catching up with various family members, grave yards and of course my impending trip to the Record Office.

As it is I've got 104 things to photograph / look up from the microfilms of parish registers, plus a couple of graves thanks to my brother being lovely and agreeing to drive me to the Cemetery. I still need to work out how I'm going to get to the Record Office on Wednesday as I don't have a car any more. In London I don't need one, the transport links are brilliant and I'm very used to a train coming along every 3 minutes!!

My problem is that I am easily distracted by my ancestry, at the start of this week I said to myself "Go down the direct line so you get the most out of your visit to the Archives" ... except I found families of cousins on the Census returns that needed to be added and their children had their own families and on and on it goes.

Discipline is what I need! That's what I'm going to try to do today and tomorrow (unless the rents have other plans for me; which to be fair is highly likely!). I need to concentrate on the DARLINGTON and DUCKWORTH line as I know they have strong routes in Hawarden, Flintshire and as the Archives are next to St. Deninol's Church (The Mother Church) and its associated graveyard I really need to pray for decent weather and luck around the graveyard finding any stones associated with the family.

I am also planning to go to Mold Library as they have a good collection of Parish Transcripts, transcribed by Clwyd Family History Society that should help me.

Back to the grindstone I go 

7 Nov 2010

Preparation for next record office trip

16 days

That's how long I've got left.... until I go to the record office again but this time I'll be concentrating more on the DARLINGTON side of things. My great grandmother was a DARLINGTON and so far I've traced them back to Joseph DARLINGTON and Mary DUCKWORTH from Hawarden.

The majority of the DARLINGTON's appear to be Blacksmiths and the DUCKWORTH family have a long history in Hawarden. 

My look-up list for my upcoming trip is numbering 59 at the moment but I'm expecting that to grow. I've spent the last two days going through the family of Joseph and Mary DARLINGTON and trying to ensure that I've got all the offspring's families straight too.

If I get chance I also want to have a look at the WRIGHT family (my mother's paternal line) as they also appear to come from Hawarden but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time.

All this trying to be organised is very time consuming so this is a rather short posting.