15 Aug 2010


In a bid to try to "kill off" some of my ancestors, that is finding burial information from the parish records for their interment, I have managed to do the opposite for one chap.

This chap being a mister David HAYES who was born around 1805 in Cilcain, Flintshire. He is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather and someone I thought I had done all I could on.

When I first started doing this all those years ago I ordered David and Hannah's marriage certificate. He married Hannah JAMES on the 03 February 1838 in St. Mary's Parish Church, Cilcain and went on to have five children between 1838 and 1854. Rather surprisingly Hannah wasn't pregnant when she walked down the aisle!! The children were Ellen, Robert, John, Thomas and William.

From the census records of 1841 and 1851 the family lived in Fron Fedw, which was actually in Llys y Coed, in  the parish of Cilcain.

David was a Miner originally and then sometime between 1843 and 1848 he moved into farming. I'm not sure of the reasons, it could be that his health was bad or that the Lead Mines in the area were no longer employing the older men. In 1851 David was farming 6 acres; he was probably a tenement farmer.

Up until today I thought that David had died in Quarter 2 of 1861 in Holywell,Flintshire. I ordered the death certificate from the local record office and the information from that was David had been a Lead Miner (matched), who had died in Halkyn on the 21 April 1861 (Halkyn is the village next to Cilcain so this could have been possible), he died of "Miner's Asthma" and it was witnessed by John Hayes who was present at the death (David had a son called John so that also matched.)

So I've happily been thinking that this is my man and I don't have to look into him any more....BUT like I said he's been resurrected. I was looking through the burial entries for Cilcain for some of his offspring and came across his burial; that is

David HAYES, of Fron Fedw, who died at Chester Royal Infirmary aged 59. He was buried in St. Mary's churchyard, Cilcain on 10 March 1864.
The dates didn't match.

So I looked at the burials for Halkyn and found a David HAYES, son of Thomas and Ann HAYS from the township of Llan who died aged 55. This is the guy who's death certificate I had ordered. 

My David's father was Robert HAYES so it is definitely the wrong certificate. I currently can't find a General Registry Office (GRO) reference for David's death in Chester which is infuriating. 

I may have to see if there are any admission records for the Chester Royal Infirmary but that will have to wait until I go home again, until then he remains certificateless.

David's wife Hannah had died on the 12 January 1864 aged 47 so I am wondering if they died of the same cause.