13 Dec 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Letters to my Great Grandmother following the death of my Great Grandfather

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Mrs Davies                                                                              July 2nd/32
6 Edmund Street

Dear Mrs Davies

I enclose a form & a letter received from your Solicitor Messrs Cryil Jones&William Wrexham. Take the letter & form to Police Superintendant Humphreys who will probably advise you & introduce you to a Magistrate so that you can be sworn without expense to yourself, and then please post the form back to your Solicitor immediately so that an action can be commenced at the earliest. The Insurers of the Owner of the Cattle Truck do not admit your claim on the evidence given at the inquest, please don’t let this worry you too much as I have never been in doubt about your claim being a good one. The evidence given at the inquest will have little bearing on the issue in another Court, where Civil negligence on the part of the Driver will be investigated, which to my mind can easily be proved. Meantime keep your heart up & don’t be afraid to go to the Police in your present trouble as they may be your best friends.

Yours faithfully Joseph Sharps

This letter was sent from Joseph Sharps, former boss of my Great Grandfather Edward John DAVIES to my Great Grandmother; Evelyn Grace DAVIES (nee DARLINGTON) following Edward's death. He was killed by a lorry whilst he was on his way to work. I have previously posted his obit and picture.

This is one of a few letters I have between Joseph and Evelyn, it seems he offered Evelyn a lot of support. When Edward was killed she had to bring up three children on her own. The youngest was had only just turned 1; Eleanor Betty DAVIES, my nan.

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  1. I'm glad your great grandmother had the support of her husband's boss. And it's wonderful that you have access to these letters all these years later.