1 Dec 2010

From Snow to Genealogy

Due to adverse weather conditions your train to work isn't going to turn up so phone the boss and let her know. This is what my morning started like today, at 7am. After waiting for about 45 minutes on the platform I listened to that little voice in my head and headed home. Hurrah thought I, I can spend the day processing my record office finds, putting the details into my various databases and my online and offline trees.... but its now lunchtime and I'm only just getting started.

I've contacted someone on Ancestry who was looking for information on the COLECLOUGH family, into which my 3x Great Grandmother married, as I now have details about their gravestone, marriage, burials and baptisms of their children which previously I did not have. Its all about the sharing.

Next I'm going to go through my list of memorial inscriptions from St. Deniol's, Hawarden that relate to my family and add the details to my records. I don't know what I'd do without the internet / computers...oh yes I do I'd get horribly confused and loose every scrap of paper despite my best efforts, demand a room for me and me only and then become a hermit! Again, thank the lord for the laptop; allowing me to sit at the table with a cuppa and watch the boys and the better half playing on his xbox!

I would like to get onto actually putting stuff online today, but I don't know how successful that's going to be. I also need to order a marriage certificate for George WRIGHT and Elizabeth SHONE who married in a civil ceremony in 1878 so I couldn't view the record for free in the parish registers. George & Elizabeth are my maternal 3x Great Grandparents and I want to make sure that I have the correct George with his family in the Census returns before I chase them backwards.

I've also just booked a day off work so I can go to Who Do You Think You Are Live 2011 (WDYTYA2011) in February. They have a special offer on at the moment where you can buy two tickets for £20 (saving £24) but I'll be going on my own *sad face* on the Friday.

If I get chance later I'll post an update on my progress today, failing that it will be another weekend post. Damned work gets in the way!

Its now just gone 12:30pm and I've been at this since lunch time, save a break to go and get some food in and then eat the food! I've managed to process 48 of the images, all of which were marriage entries at St. Deniol's, Hawarden. I also managed to transcribe all the grave stones which I had the transcriptions and images for (of which there were 17). So all in all its not been too bad a day, although it does feel like I haven't got very far into the 165 that I have to do.

02 December 2010
Ok so it carried on snowing and so I'm carrying on going through my record office haul. I have now done all the marriage entries and I did order the marriage certificate I mentioned above; it should be here on the 7th December provided the snow sods off!

Onwards.....to the 77 baptisms