3 Jan 2011

New Year, New Goals

I've been inspired by some of the bloggers who I follow to record what my goals for 2011 are, this way I might actually achieve some of them!! So here we go:

Ideally the blog will be different to the daily prompt or the 52 weeks challenge but realistically I know this will be difficult to maintain.
I only have one module left before the exam so this should be achievable.
  • Keep up to date with the blogs I follow that do not have RSS feeds
I find the ability to RSS blogs brilliant, it helps me keep on top of them and allows me to read them at work (where blog sites are normally blocked).
  • Make sure that my DAVIES, PARRY, WRIGHT, DARLINGTON, ELLIS and ROBERTS pedigree's are fully sourced
This is going to be the most time-consuming aspect, however it is also the most important. I started this about a year and a half ago, its taking a lot longer than I anticipated because I made mistakes when I started out. Its annoying but at the same time its the reason I went back to the beginning.
  • To get to the LDS Centre at Hyde Park on a more regular basis and continue to do look-ups.
I really enjoy going to the LDS and being able to give back to those that have helped me with look-ups in the past. Feel free to request look-ups via the comments section or head over to www.rootschat.com where you can PM me, my handle is LazyLover. You can also get a lot of help from the other members if you're looking for UK ancestors.
  • Organise my hard copy records and back them up digitally where possible.
  • Ensure my data is backed up at least once a month.
For this I use a programme called BackUp4All Lite. It came free with Your Family Tree Magazine. Its a nice little programme but a little chunky. I will be looking for something a bit more user friendly.
  • Keep in touch with newly discovered and discovered cousins and, where possible, meet up with them to share information.
  • Put more ancestors on Lost Cousins.com
This is a brilliant website, if you get chance head over there. You never know who you may find.
This is difficult for me to do as I don't come back up North all that often and when I do I have to make sure I spend time with my living relatives! However I did make it to Flintshire twice last year. Before I attempt Denbighshire and Cheshire I have to get my lists in order so I know what I'm looking for!
I already have the Friday booked off work, I just need to purchase my ticket. This year I'd like to go to some of the talks, but I'll have to have a look at the schedule. 

and a non-genealogical one, but an important one for me:

  • Not to get frustrated with things that I cannot control or change.