20 Mar 2011

Old Photos and Facebook

Over this last week I have spent most of my time concentrating on living members of my family and those that I knew or have photo's of.

A while back I scanned into my computer the pictures that my dad had on 35mm slide. The quality isn't great compared to today HD digital images but back then it was, and it allowed me to put faces to names.  So I've spent this morning re-examining those scans to see what gems I have.

The first one I'm going to share was taken in 1978 at my parent's wedding and shows the DAVIES, THOMAS clan outside St. Mary's Parish Church in Mold.

1978 St. Mary's Church, Mold

This second picture is of my parents, back in 1977 when my mum had long hair and dad, well he did too! I've no idea where this was taken but I love the pic.

The Rent's 1977

I've also been trawling facebook for my relatives that are on there. This includes a cousin who emigrated to Canada. I've been able to set up a private Group and have asked my extended family to share memories, images, names, dates, places etc.. that they remember with me. I'm also going to be posting pictures to the group in the hope that it will trigger memories and tales.


  1. What neat pictures!

    I think your images are very good, particularly coming from slides.

    Good work.

  2. Thanks dee.

    My mum hates having her photo taken & my dad just said hmmmm when I sent him the link!! Oh well :D