4 Apr 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Drunk in Dulwich

No, not me although the area where George DARLINGTON was picked up is relatively close to where I live now.

Bit of background:
George DARLINGTON is my 1st Cousin x4 Removed on my maternal line. He was born in Hawarden in 1884 and this document is taken from his WWI Service Records. Unfortunately I do not know the outcome of the arrest and detention in the drunk tank as it's not included in his military records.

George DARLINGTON Pte 12916 RWF.
Source: WWI Service Records @ Ancestry

East Dulwich Station P Divison.
2nd day of October 1915

Name:  Charles Smith
Address: Police Station, East Dulwich
Age: /
Occupation: Police Constable 303P

Statement: At 12.50am 2nd October 1915 whilst on duty at Lordship Lane, East Dulwich near Crystal Palace Road I found Gunner George Darlington Regt No. 56058 attached to 25th Battery Royal Garrison Artillery stationed at Deer Park Charlton lying on the footway incapably drunk. He was suffering from a slight cut over left eye.

With assistance of St 367 P Wilson I conveyed him to East Dulwich Police Station where he was detained.

Signature: Charles Smith PC303P

Note at bottom of page:

This man was incapably drunk when brought to station. The Divisional Surgeon was called to dress his injury. W. Hall Stn PS.

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