4 Apr 2012

Wordless Wednesday - James Cyril DARLINGTON

James Cyril DARLINGTON(1925 - 1986)
Date Unknown. Held by my grandfather, Eric WRIGHT

This picture is of my grand uncle, James Cyril DARLINGTON. He was known to all as Cyril and was born on 10 January 1925. He died in 1986; I was 4 years old at this time and don't believe I ever met him.

This picture is part of a card that was sent to my grandmother, Evelyn Grace DAVIES nee DARLINGTON, Cyril wrote on it


Eva and the kids


Your loving Brother
Cyril xxxx"

What makes this even better is that about a month ago I was contacted on Facebook by Cyril's daughter. She made contact after a Google search took her to my website, and to here. We're now 'facebook friends' and I'm looking forward to sharing more information with her and her family.