31 May 2010

The morning after the night before

Ok so anyone who follows me on twitter / facebook will know that I was out Thursday night, Saturday night and last night.... I've also had to rebuild the laptop so haven't had as much time as I'd have liked to get on with my research.

Now that I've lost my hangover, done the [food] shopping and caught up on my weekly dose of Dr Who [ I Y Dr Who], and cooked tea erm....ordered pizza I've finally gotten around to re-installing, updating and opening Family Tree Maker 2010. Known affectionately as FTM2010.

I couldn't run FTM2010 on the old c:\ drive because it kept (1) crashing (2) refusing to update (3) getting in a tizz whenever I tried to "Search for Records" and (4) crashing. After many many emails to the lovely people who publish the software I still couldn't resolve the problem so I went back to FTM2009.

I've given FTM2010 a second chance, lets see how it goes... unfortunately when I converted my FTM2009 file into the 2010 file it crashed so I'm not holding my breath. 

Now that my rant about FTM2010 is over (for now) I'd best update you on the email I received last time I blogged...instead of calling we swapped real email addresses. I get the impression that she's not been doing this for very long but she does have a whole wealth of information on the PARRY side of the family. We've agreed to meet up when I go home to compare notes & swap stories and I'm going to try to get my dad to come along too. So so far it was a brilliant connection but why it took an external agency when she lives up the road from my folks I'll never know. In fact I'm pretty sure there's a lesson in there somewhere:


Count down until trip home (and record office): 20 days .... I've so much to do