18 May 2010

Day at the LDS & an Interesting Email

Only have time for a quick update as Him Indoors is about to put Tea dinner in my lap :)

(tea was a very yummy chili con carny in case you were wondering)

I've just come back from the LDS Centre at Hyde Park where I was able to get a photograph of the baptism entry for George Rice Price Owen. He was baptised in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1812 and is most likely my missing in action Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather George Rice Price Parry. I'll try and post the pic in a bit.

Well I've pieced together the image and inverted it to make it a bit more readable, although the handwriting is so clear it's hard to believe it was written 198 years ago! Here's the pic

I also got an interesting email connection via Ancestry from someone who is likely to be a cousin of mine, again on the Parry side of things. I've left her my mobile so I'm crossing everything that she'll get in touch and we can swap info, documents, pictures and stories. She may be able to put shed some light on the family lore

I will keep you guys updated, but I hear the Man plating up so I'd best run...

I ended up calling my dad to see if he had any idea's who I've been speaking too; turns out the lady I'm emailing I've met before (although I don't remember - sorry if you ever read this), my mum talks to her every week and her brother now lives down the road from me in Bromley somewhere....small world. So now I'm waiting on her to read the message I sent her on Ancestry that contains my phone number and hope she calls :)