16 May 2010

Why am I doing This?


Ok so I thought this would be a good idea about five minutes ago, now I'm not so sure!!

Little Introduction

In 2006 I broke my wrist at the gym (on a cross training machine...don't ask!) and ended up being off work for 6 weeks. Now I'm not very good at doing nothing so I decided to start investigating my family tree.

Four years later and I'm still hunting, looking, crying and despairing as I think I've found another family member but it turns out I'm on the wrong track and have to go back to the begining.

Last year I decided that I should go back to the start, make sure I've saved copies of all the evidence of the family (such as Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Baptism enteries, Census Returns etc.) so that its all in one place and more importantly all CORRECT. I'm still in the process of doing that but found that some things just didn't add up. Things I'd thought were correct four years ago to my now more experienced eyes just don't add up so, you guessed it I'm going right back to ME.

I want this blog to be an outlet for my frustrations (so that my lovely b/f wont have to pretend to be interested anymore!) and also a note of things I should be checking and where I'm up to. I hope it's at least a little bit interesting to some and I don't bore the pants off you