23 Jun 2010

Trip Home Arrives

Well amongst the World Cup Madness I managed to get home & get some more information about my ancestors and relatives who are still around. As I'm typing this England are playing their last qualifying game, winning 1-0 and I'm hoping that they do go through....after all if they do then Find My Past's World Cup Widow's offer will continue and I still have some more things I need off their site!

So my trip to the Record Office was mostly successful; I found two newspaper reports into the accident that killed a cousin in 1912, he was run over by a traction engine. The inquest was reported on in all the grizzly details.

I also found the Admission and Discharge records for my Gt Gt Gt Grandmother and her children when they entered the Workhouse at Holywell. When they entered the Workhouse their condition was described as Filthy and Deserted.  This would support (part of) the family story that Thomas Parry, Tailor, ran off to London to buy cloth but never returned. 

My Gt Gt Gt Grandmother had another daughter in the workhouse, Ann. She was born on the 04 May 1871, more than 9months after she was admitted to the Workhouse so Ann was illegitimate and I doubt I'll ever find out who her father was.

The other part of this particular story is that Thomas' grandson Arthur whilst in the Merchant Navy, got Malaria and was treated in South Africa. Whilst recovering he was told of another Parry in the area (Parry was not a common name over there). Arthur was convinced it was his Taid (welsh for grandfather) and went to find him. However, by the time he was fit enough this Parry had scampered. So this is my next tale to investigate!

I also met up with my relative that contacted me via Ancestry; My dad and I went round to her mother's (who doesn't live that far away) and we spent 3.5hours or so discussing our findings / comparing notes. I've come away with two more children I didn't know about and she went away knowing that the PARRY's came from the Isle of Man and the newspaper transcriptions for the boys death in 1912.

She also mentioned that another relative who has been researching the PARRY family believes we are related to John Rowlands, better known as Henry Morton Stanley of "Dr Livingstone I presume" fame. His mother was Elizabeth Parry and he was born out of wedlock on the 28 January 1841 in Denbigh. I'm not sure about this connection, but I'll definitely be having a look into it.

Finally I'd just like to say that as important as I think it is to fully research and evidence your family tree don't neglect your living relative's. It's far to easy to think "they live down the road, I'll see them whenever"...it often doesn't happen.