12 Jun 2010

World Cup Madness

Count Down until trip home: 8 Days

Argh so much to do and so little time.... I've added a few (read 10) more look ups for the record office and my dad's agreed to come with me to speak with my cousin so that's good for me as I get rather nervous when meeting new people.

I've also booked my place at Hawarden for the Monday, I'm starting at 9.30am and will be chucked out at closing I imagine. I found my CARN card, it wasn't in the jewellery box it was under a pile of cards in another box. How I know where anything is is a mystery to me!!

I have copies of the PARRY line documentation and I just need to get a print out of the tree to take back with me... my heads all of a muddle.

On the plus side the football being on means two things
  1. Rob doesn't mind me disappearing into the world of the internet, only coming up for cuppa's and coke as he'll be able to watch the footie in peace
  2. The lovely people at Find My Past are offering FREE access to their records for three hours every time England play. (Click the link for more details). I predict that the site will crash but I've got my list of things I need to look up ready and waiting. Remember Find My Past are the only people who have the 1911 England & Wales Census and it is very pricey to check it out at the moment.
In other news: Dr Who is on tonight, its 7 days until we go to see Green Day play at Wembley (I've got standing tickets!!!) and 13 days until we go to see Pearl Jam play at Hyde Park. Happy Happy Days