17 Oct 2010

Another Trip Home & A Shredding Horror Tale

I'm planning another trip home for a week, (between rugby matches of course) and I'll be spending some time at Hawarden Record Office so I need to start planning what I need to look up. This time I think I'll be focusing mostly on the DAVIES side but I'll also add some DARLINGTON and WRIGHT look ups methinks.

I phoned my folks for a general catch up, like you do only to be told that my Grandad, God bless him, has been having a sort out of documents including death certificates and letters to my Great Grandmother.... unfortunately he started to SHRED yes that's right SHRED some of them before my mum mentioned to him that I'd be interested in them :/ 

Now with any look the items he has shredded (sob) will be those that my Nan showed to me and allowed me to copy before she died. 

Moto of this little tit-bit: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were right and Shredder is EVIL.

In better news, I went to the LDS centre on Thursday this week and got images of seven baptisms in Mold and Nercwys, 2 connected to my HUGHES line and the other 5 connected to the DAVIES side (direct DAVIES line) as well as a few images of possible connections in Nercwys regarding the OLDFIELD and PULESTON families which I have in my tree. They are going in the virtual shoe box for a later date.