9 Oct 2010

Typical Day for Genealogy

Was woken up by the neighbours trying to either close their front door or get in. Either way they can’t use their keys. Annoyance vented on Twitter and Facebook.

Got up and did the washing up from last night, the laundry and cleaned the oven [yes I was feeling industrious].

10:45 ish 
Rob comes back in bringing with him the new Quins away shirt; photo taken and put on Twitter and Facebook :D Rob then makes me breakfast of bacon and mushroom sarnies because he’s lovely.

11:30 ish 
I load up my family tree software and tree on Ancestry and think about [leavin the hawwsseee .... oops sorry got a bit distracted there] where I’m up to on adding source images to my Ancestry tree.

Rob puts on Fable III Kingmaker video on the XBOX, this leads to me getting all excited for the end of October and the release of the game. It also reminds me I have a flag to plant!

I’m about ready to start and notice that Ancestry have added a “Show Relationship to Me” feature. This will be quite useful and stop my need to go into FTM2010 every time I want to see how I relate. Also of note today is that FT M2011 has been released will have to look into what’s new.

I keep being distracted by Rob who’s playing Enslaved on the XBOX and collecting lots of “shiny shiny” things but think I’ve found where I’m up to.

Tea Break!

Laundry’s done which means I have to get it out the machine and hung up, decided to be nice to Rob and iron 5 of his annoying shirts dry.

Back to it, waiting for Rob to bring me a cuppa! Found the 1841 Wales Census for John HUGHES (b. 1832) he’s with his family in Arddynwent and it’s back another generation I go.

Arddynwent is a very old parish to the south of Mold. It doesn’t appear on any modern maps but it took in Gwernymyndd, Leeswood and extended to Nercwys.

Thanks to this Census return I’ve added another two people to my tree. Unfortunately it John’s father was not recorded so is either dead or staying with relatives.

I’m still trying to add census returns to the HUGHES’ so far I have added the 1841 and 1851 census to the family (Catherine, John and Hugh) but I’ve not been able to find an entry for Edward in 1851 so think he may have died. I’m starting to compile another list of Look Ups for when I go home next.

I’m still at it, Robs put Fifa 11 on, this doesn’t distract me nearly as much. I’ve also go a few things to look for at the LDS when I next go...will probably be Monday as I have the day off :D woop woop

I’ve now added the 1861 Census and GRO Marriage information for Ellen WILLIAMS and John HUGHES. This has given me another 2 children (Thomas and Robert, who are my 2nd great grand uncles) and tea is ready so I’m breaking for a while.

Back at it now but Irish v Munster is on the telly, will be distracted.

Just discovered that my Great Great Great Grandfather lived next door to Daniel Owen, Tailor and Draper. Daniel Owen is a famous Welsh novelist more information about him can be found here.

Rob’s gone to the pub which means I can watch CSI in peace. The boys are out, fighting and running over my PR books...need to move them.
Hope you enjoyed reading what my typical search is like.