7 Nov 2010

Preparation for next record office trip

16 days

That's how long I've got left.... until I go to the record office again but this time I'll be concentrating more on the DARLINGTON side of things. My great grandmother was a DARLINGTON and so far I've traced them back to Joseph DARLINGTON and Mary DUCKWORTH from Hawarden.

The majority of the DARLINGTON's appear to be Blacksmiths and the DUCKWORTH family have a long history in Hawarden. 

My look-up list for my upcoming trip is numbering 59 at the moment but I'm expecting that to grow. I've spent the last two days going through the family of Joseph and Mary DARLINGTON and trying to ensure that I've got all the offspring's families straight too.

If I get chance I also want to have a look at the WRIGHT family (my mother's paternal line) as they also appear to come from Hawarden but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time.

All this trying to be organised is very time consuming so this is a rather short posting.