10 Dec 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Gifts

My nan (Eleanor Betty WRIGHT nee DAVIES) always used to get us the oddest gifts. Well I say us, I actually mean to say my brother. Apparently she told me once I was beautiful and I hid behind my mum and cried!! She decided at that point she had better not be mean to me or play any tricks on me because I was too delicate!! Don't worry that changed once I got older.

Anyways she would always get Ian odd gifts, one year I remember he got a tin of carrots and another year a giant jar of branston pickle; I don't think he even likes pickle that much. When I say giant I mean giant, it took up most of the bottom cupboard, we couldn't put it on the top cupboard for fear it would fall on someone and break them. We always got "proper" presents but the ones we remember are the silly ones.

After my nan died Christmas wasn't really the same, it still isn't. However the year she died I ended up buying Ian a jar of gherkins, he loves em and he couldn't believe I got them for him. It got me a few strange looks off my boyfriend as I was wrapping them but I don't care. It kept her spirit alive somehow.

I wonder what weird gift Ian will get this year?