9 Dec 2010

Online Genealogy Course - Suprise!

At WDYTYA2010 I signed up for a free online course in Genealogy. Of course when I got home and never heard anything else about it I assumed I’d either misunderstood or had just put my email down onto a well disguised mailing list.

So imagine my surprise when this afternoon I got an email through asking me to log on to my “Student Briefcase” so that I could access the course materials for

Methodology - Part 1: Getting Started 

How very exciting. The website offering the course is www.genealogicalstudies.com and I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

So I’m going to do this course and see what it can tell me that I haven’t worked out through trial and error. It is a six week course that starts today (and has an exam at the end of it – yikes) so I’m going to try and remember what it’s like to be a student and go and get completely wasted……urm ah-hem….go and get started, that’s the word.

Week 1 covers:

  • What Genealogy Means
  • Why Would You Want to Trace Your Ancestors
  • How Far Back Can You Go
What To Do Before You Start Your Research
  • But a Couple of Don'ts First
  • Construct a Miniature Tree
  • Whose Genealogy Do You Want to Trace?
Recording Your Information
  • Pedigree Chart
  • Coding System
  • Abbreviations
I’ve printed the course documentation for week one and I’m ready to go.

I also have to submit pieces of work, the first being My Genealogical Experience. So I’m going to go off and read my course material and I’ll blog about “My Genealogical Experience” so you can keep up to date with how I’m managing this.

I’m rather looking forward to this really. If nothing else it should help my focus.