13 Feb 2011

Plan for my days off; STEERS

I've booked myself two days off work so this Monday or Tuesday I will be going along to the London Metropolitan Archives in Farringdon to have a look for some STEERS

In 1881 Maria STEERS (nee UNKNOWN) was resident at St. Bernard’s Hospital; Middlesex County Lunatic Asylum; better known as Hanwell.

I can find no record of her in the 1871 census, nor in the 1891 census so I theorise that she died at Hanwell. I have previously been to the LMA to look at the discharge and admission books and found no record of her stay. However she must be there somewhere so I plan to return and look at the below items;

H11/HLL/B/05 – Registers of Admission; 1853 – 1906
H11/HLL/B/08 – Registers of Criminal Lunatics; 1831 – 1949
H11/HLL/B/09 – Discharge Books; 1840 – 1954
H11/HLL/B/10 – Registers of Discharges, Removals and Deaths; 1845 – 1906
H11/HLL/B/11 – Register of Female Discharges, Removals and Deaths; 1865 – 1954
H11/HLL/B/15 – Register of Female Deaths; 1839 – 1948
H11/HLL/A/01 – Admission: Draft Minutes & Presented Papers; 1845 – 1891
H11/HLL/B/19 – Female Casebooks (Patient Records); 1831 – 1940
H11/HLL/B/28 – Female Cases; Autopsy Records; 1861 – 1908
H11/HLL/B/33 – Addresses of Visitors to Patients; 1860 – 1910
H11/HLL/PH/02 – Photographs Patients; 1869 – 1901

I’m also going to be hunting for the birth of Thomas Bradshaw STEERS. I have confirmed that his middle name is Bradshaw from the entry in the parish records of his son, William’s marriage in 1865.

I have Thomas’ death certificate which states he died on 15 June 1868 at 123 Great Cambridge Street, Haggerston East, Shoreditch, London. He died of disease of the liver and kidneys; 21 years and Dropsy; 3 months certified aged 54 years.

Year of Birth Evidence
Death Certificate: 1814
1851 England Census: 1819 Middlesex, London
1861 England Census: 1815 Bishopsgate, London

Thomas was a fancy mat maker / coco mat maker / hearth rug maker, but all of his 5 children are stated to have been born in Hull, Yorkshire. Maria was born in Durham so I have yet to work out how they met, or how they came to be in Hull when the children were born in the years below:

Ellen STEERS         b. about 1834
Eleanor STEERS     b. about 1841
Anna M STEERS     b. about 1844
William STEERS     b. between 1840 - 1844
Watson STEERS     b. about 1846

If I could find just one trace of this family in any parish record I would be so so happy. Ideally it would be a baptism or burial but I would dearly love to break this wall down.