7 Feb 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday

I've been kind of busy this week, but I don't feel like I've got anything done. This is mostly because although I've been doing stuff, I still have a load of things that need doing.....but I keep getting distracted.

So this week, I have sorted out my genealogy papers, and my lord there was a lot of them. This was me a couple of hours in:

Such fun! Two hours after that, and with a little "help" from my youngest ratties who decided to run off with my KEEP papers but left my SHREDDING file well alone, I finished organising. What it leaves me with is a lovely pile of KEEP papers that I want to upload onto the computer or at least type up.

So here's my TO DO LIST, in no particular order

  1. Type up / Scan in and upload handwritten notes on both STEERS and DAVIES families.
  2. Put together and send off two discs of PARRY information to Haig 
  3. Type up the family sheets for both STEERS and DAVIES families
  4. Transcribe PULESTON wills (that I've had for a couple of years!)
  5. In an effort to break down the STEERS brick wall gather as much information on the STEERS at the family history centre in London. Concentrating on Hackney, Islington and Lewisham.
  6. Do at least two genebloggers posts in February
So this is what I need to do and I have to stay focused...hopefully this will help. I'll keep you updated on how I get on