13 Jul 2011

31 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 2

Tonia Kendrick, over at Tonia’s Roots has started of a blogging series entitled ‘31 Weeks of Better Genealogy Blogging’. It’s Week 2 and the challenge is to write a 'List Posts' blog. 

I've decided to share with you 'My Top 5 Most Wanted Birth Certificates' and the reason's why.

1.       Isaac DAVIES; 1874 Q3 Holywell,11b 269

Isaac is my great great grand uncle. I want his birth certificate so I can further confirm the maiden name of his mother.  My great great grandfather is John DAVIES. John was born in about 1867; there are three possible GRO entries for John DAVIES in 1867 alone. I have already ordered and received one of his other brother’s birth certicates but the mother’s maiden name isn’t very clear. It is most likely to be OLDFIELD but I want to make sure.

2.       William WRIGHT; 1874 Q1 Holywell,11b 271

William is my great great grandfather on my maternal side. I believe that his parents were George WRIGHT and Elizabeth SHONE but would like the certificate to prove this link.

3.       Grace Mildon WYATT; 1851 Q2 G Boughton,19 65

Grace is my great great great grandmother on my maternal side. I have her birth date from her baptism record; 12 March 1851. The baptism records at St. Deiniol’s, Hawarden give the mother’s maiden name as CHALINOR, however it is spelt a variety of ways so I would like some greater clarification from the certificate.

4.       Anne ROBERTS; 1900 Q1 Ruthin,11b 288

Anne is my great grandmother, she was born on 20 January 1900 and I knew her. Unbelievably I do not have her birth certificate. Her parents were William ROBERTS and Jane Elizabeth DAVIES but I would like confirmation of this.

5.       William ROBERTS; 1859 Q3 St. Asaph,11b 366

William is my great great grandfather (Anne’s father). I have the birthdate of 25 September 1859 but this was found when I first started my research and I’ve not noted down where it’s come from. I can only assume that it was in the papers my grandmother let me look through.