2 Oct 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Father and Son

I don't know which newspaper the following notice came from, it was contained within a box of "stuff" that my nan let me look through. She'd been given it by her mam. Even though it is more likely to be a memorial notice than a true obituary, when I first obtained this tit-bit I classed it as an obituary.


In sad but loving memory of our dear Son
and Brother, John Roberts, 18 Cecil St.,
London Road, Holyhead, second son of
William and Jane Roberts, 5 Prior Street,
Ruthin, who died November 18th, 1918;
and also our dear Grandson and Ne-
phew, Albert Lloyd, son of the former,
who died November 16th 1918.

Wedi dianc uwch gelynion,
Croseau a gofidiau fyrdd,
Maent hwy’n awr yn gwisgo’r goron,
Ac un cario’r palmwydd gwyrdd

(Diane has a higher enemies,
Crosses, and the myriad concerns.
They are now wearing the crown,
And carrying the palm green.)

Father & Mother, Brothers & Sisters

John ROBERTS was my Great Grand Uncle. He was born in Denbigh on 12 June 1888 and moved to Holyhead, he worked on the railway for L&NW Railway. John was only 30 when he died.

Albert was born in 1917, and as you can see from the above died two days before his father. He was 17 months old.

John and Albert were both victims of the "Black Flu", this was better known as "Spanish Flu" and I did not know anything about it until the "Bird Flu" outbreak last year. It seems that Black Flu spread quickly from the trenches on the Front Lines back home as soliders were returning from the War. As John worked the railways this is where he most likely contracted the disease.

John's wife Jane was widowed at the age of 28 and had two surviving children to raise, William aged 4 and Elizabeth aged 3.

I also came across the below whilst sorting through some documents


The funeral of Mr John Roberts, Cecil street,
London road, Holyhead, and also of his 17
months' old child, Albert Lloyd, whose death we
reported last week, took place on Friday at
Rhewl cemetery, Ruthin, the bodies being con-
vayed by rail from Holyhead. The Rev T
Hughes Preswylfa C.M. Chapel, Holywead,
officiated in the house, and the bearers to the
station were inspectors of L & N W Railway
Company, and there were also in attendance a
large number of the railway staff who had been
workmates of the deceased for many years at
Holyhead station. Through being ill the widow
and children were unable to be present.
At Rhewl cemetery the Revs R Ernest Jones,
Ruthin; J D Jones, Gellifor; and R R Parry,
Ruthin, officiated at the gravesside. The chief
mourners were :- Mr and Mrs Roberts, Ruthin