26 Mar 2011

Kensal Green - A Brief Visit

I visited Kensal Green Cemetery on Friday. Unfortunately it was on my lunch break so my time was limited and I forgot my camera so had to use my phone! Now obviously I didn’t get around the whole cemetery in the short time I had but I’m not in a rush and I wasn’t looking for anyone in particular.

I do love cemeteries though. I love the calmness, the sense of peace and the perceived isolation from everything else going on around. Back home I’d go to the cemetery when I needed to think and I revised for my Maths GCSE in one.

It struck me, as I was wandering around looking at the GIANT vaults and mausoleums that they all blend into one. Granted some are more interesting than others but they all scream “Look at my family wealth”, and yes I know this was the way and the fashion in Victorian Britain but still…

I prefer the smaller, understated stones and mausoleums. (Take note future burial planner!)

I’m sat here in the sun, writing this with pen and paper so I can share with you before I forget. I feel contented, calm, relaxed and happy. How I wish I didn’t have to go back to work!

The one monument that jumped out at me today was a smaller mausoleum. The name of the occupant(s) has long weathered away but the mosaic / fresco on the top of the mausoleum remain for all to see. It reads “Think On”.

Now I have no idea what it refers to, or why its up there but it struck me as a very positive thing to have up there. So from now on I shall do my best to “Think On”.